Kids Hammerhead Shark Costume

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We <3 SharksAs far as animals of the oceans go, few are much more dreaded than the shark. And for valid reason! Sharks could be thousands of pounds, with dozens of razor-sharp teeth, along with a terrifying sensitivity to blood. They are stealthy and perfectly camouflaged for hunting. They may eat as well as eat and also seem to be on the prowl. In a nutshell, they're the coolest creatures in the ocean. Which is why we totally undersand exactly why your child loves them more than we do. Shark puzzles? Done. shark posters and publications and Coloring publications? We get it. Shark figurines and models? Of course! We wouldn't be surprised if your child made you sit through the multi-hour shark documentary (we created our parents do that too). Since we understand (and personally understand) your kid's love of sharks, we come prepared. We have, for them, a shark costume.Fun DetailsBut we can do much better than that. Our shark costume isn't just any shark, however. Our costume is one of the cool ones. That's perfect. The Hammerhead. Our Kid's Hammerhead Shark Costume features brushed knit flannel, foam, and also felt. It's a gray long-sleeved pullover tunic that is approximately knee-length. The tail, fins, and also hammerhead are all attached (most they need is just a little stuffing to fluff up before wearing). The mouth of the hammerhead opens to disclose the facial skin of the wearer. Sure, it might not be the two-ton glory of a great-white, but we're sure your shark aficionado will love it nonetheless. Get your Shark OnThere you have it. Right now when your shark-enthusiast of a child is prepared to grab the following step, demanding to be a shark, you have a response. Our Hammerhead Shark Costume. Exactly how great is the fact that? Your child don't have to develop a dorsal fin or maybe denticles, but they can still look like a shark! Seems like the best of both worlds to us.

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