8Mm - Unisex Or Men's Or Women's Tungsten Wedding Band. Wedding Band Black With Rainbow Fragments Inlay. Tungsten Carbide Ring

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Top selling Wedding Band Ring 7mm-8mm for men or women. This beautiful domed black tungsten carbide ring is 7MM-8MM in width (depending upon size) with rainbow fragments inlay. Note foil layout might differ somewhat as each are hand made. If you are searching for a ring that is scratch edit and always maintain its shine, than our Tungsten Carbide rings are for you. Tungsten Carbide is ranked second toughest virtually diamond on the Mohs scale, stone being a 10 followed by Tungsten Carbide as 9. Unisex, Mens and Women's Wedding Rings Black and Rainbow. Hypoallergenic. Our rings will not cause skin irritations or even flip your hands green. Because of the Hardness of Tungsten, these rings could be laser engraved, however, not hand engraved. They Cannot be stretched. Men's Tungsten Wedding Bands / Rainbow Inlay Wedding Bands Black and Multi-Color. One Year Guarantee. (Please note: dropped things or maybe damage as a result of resizing or maybe alterations are not covered).

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