Demarle Flexipat Guitar, Fits The "Guitare" Confectionery Cutter

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The Flexipat® "Guitare" will let you effortlessly mould fruit jellies, ganache along with caramels. Created to suit on the Confectionery Guitar Cutter Platform, it will help you boost efficiency in confectionery foods. The applications of Flexipat® are like those of Silpat. Usable area 335mmx335mm x 20mm rather high. Flexipat--the baking sheet with edges Mixes of sponge, creme brulee or maybe fruit jelly can be distributed or even moulded rapidly and also set in level layers. Virtually any baked or frozen preparations will be despite Flexipat® there are no wasted edges, especially for desserts set in frames The raised outside edge of Flexipat® makes for uniform thickness during food preparation, baking and freezing, for a variety of formulations The finished product is readily unmolded from Flexipat® thanks to its flexibility as well as non-stick properties  Silpat Entrement for Guitare

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