Expansion Poly Mailer, 3 Mil Thick , 30" X 36", 6000 Pcs = 60 Boxes

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Expansion poly mailers are the ideal option for shipping bulky or larger things. Built with a gusseted outsole, these mailers expand allowing more room when shipping elements like publications, binders etc. With a 3 Mil thickness, these supply most protection from punctures as well as tears when shipping heavy or sharp objects. With water and also tamper resistance, and a self-sealing lip with an artificial rubber adhesive, these provide a safe and secure method to deliver your packages. These mailers are lightweight that will lead to savings during the delivery. The white/grey exterior can help ink, stamps and labels stand out for visibility. Whether shipping clothes, publications, or even pretty much whatever can easily fit in the (size) container, you can deliver confidently making use of these mailers!

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